Aapov (alexisdevlin) wrote,


Concise Self-Talk

Perfect Motivation - It's as if love is the non-resistant way to change or manipulate something in a way that is always happy and better.

Beautiful Unknown - It's almost as if the more you know, the more you realize what you don't know, and when you reach a certain point, the unknown is so infinite and beautiful that it is unimportant to know everything, but ever-interesting to know everything you can.

Meaning? Wtf, I Am Meaning - All things that happen, if not meaningful, are still necessary. But even if they're not meaningful, we make them so. If anyone else, God, nature, or the universe wants to give us meaning too, that's nice, but isn't what I rely my meaning on.

You think too much. Over-analyzing context, under-appreciating value.

Love isn't as destructive as you think. You were as destructive as you believe.

Friendships are the most personal impersonal relationships you have.

Life will seem only as forgiving and accepting as you are.

Depth is tragic.
A perspective holds as much value as it has depth of appreciation.
Tragedy is the price we pay for value.

When religion appreciates value, it has value.

Sometimes emotions do not have meaningful reasons. But we can always create reasons for them - emotions create their reasons by influencing reason.

Most importantly, ice cream is pretty good, but otter pops are way better.

Melissa is someone you should catch up with!

Brigid ran away on her horse and while you can see her silhouette in the distance, let the sun set and sleep it over. Oh, you have? Then wake up and appreciate the new day. You have? Well, do it more. APPRECIATE MORE SUN!

The secrets to life, what a funny concept. Everything is a secret before we find it out. What makes secrets is they're hard to find. The key to perfect life happiness, is that hard to find? Is it hard to be inspired? Yes, it is. Life is good, but life is also terrible! I can hardly grasp the suffering we have without a crippling feeling for mankind. In that same sense, the absolute strength and power of our joy, our love -- it seems even all the suffering melts away into this, even if in appearances we see otherwise.
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