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P(m)S: Deceptive Friends = Weak Bitch Natures

What is a P(m)S, you ask?

Girls PMS and I P(m)S. While us males don't have vag's to complain about, life is never short of complications. Sometimes I have periods. Periods of discontentment, of anger, of frustration! I build up this tension and release it all at once, if I can. Sometimes I have to hold my tongue. But who says I should hold my thoughts online? And so I started P(m)S'ing when I felt it was necessary. Almost always I don't feel exactly as I write in P(m)S rants, usually it just expresses one short-sighted aspect of anger, but bluntly attacks creating really good points. That's the nature of bitching. And so, this is one I wrote at the end of April. I just reread it and laughed, so I want a copy of it here.

Basically, people are fucking rude. They pretend to be your friend for some time, without ever telling you what they really think. On possible hope of liking you one day and their own selfish nature to use others to get what petty, pathetic enjoyment they can, these fucking immoral (and hypocritical) morons hurt and affect others without the slightest tact. No matter how much people like this parade around like God's blessed child (oh, and they fucking do) they are deceptive, weak natured assholes. I'm glad NOT to be their friend -- but fuck you for wasting my time!

I love when they use the argument, "Well, I didn't want to hurt them, and just wasn't sure... blah blah blah," as if you being "unsure" is grounds to lie and sugar-coat a friendship, building up real relationships, real feeling between someone, for someone, but out of deception on your end! Fucking bitch. Furthermore, if this bitch were to tell other friends this situation but leave the only one who SHOULD know in the dark? AAAAAAAAAAAJGKEDSJsjlkj. I just don't understand. Am I just a fucking nice guy? A really nice guy? And most people are just selfish bitch assholes who don't fucking get life in the slightest? Nah, because I'm not nice. I'm not the nicest person you'll ever meet, I'm just not a fucking asshole. Nice people are often assholes, if niceness beats being honest, if niceness beats everything in any situation. All that signifies to me is a weak nature, too weak even to sacrafice niceness for the good of others. Being nice is their selfish way to not cause problems for themself! But fuck others, right?

Fuck that. Sometimes you can't be "nice". Sometimes you have to say what's fucking what and be straight up with who you are to people. Especially in friendships. We need to think in terms of the future when we make our actions, not be digustingly weak willed and try to make things what they're not: for instance, nice.

Most of these types of people are the most arrogant mother fuckers, too. There's hardly anything I can do about it, they probably don't get it and won't ever. And to top it off, they're "modest" because that's how full of themselves they are. Let's parade around morality and acceptance like I'm a better person - fuck that, you stupid power tripping, desire slaved idiot. I can't stand people who hold up friendships on false, deceptive, or weak-natured hopes and hide thoughts about others even while sharing them to friends of that person!

This has happened in my life, especially in Love. God, I can't stand that. It hurts, you know. Fucking assholes. I'm done PmS'ing. I feel better now. This thought has a lot of tension behind it, because there were many (still are) people that I truly cared about that have left for naught, with hardly an explanation -- too afraid, too nice, too weak perhaps? -- and it hurt. When I found out other things about the situation, it pissed me off. Anger is my response to this tension because it should be. What a huge waste of my time and emotions, and theirs!

I have few friends that have ever truly meant something to me, because I choose wisely, with what I like, with who I choose to surround myself with and get to know. In this way, maybe others are different and I'm unfair to expect them to be serious. But it's not like I'm serious right off the bat. These things take time, and I never go forward unless I feel it's mutual - in other words - unless I'm decieved.
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