Aapov (alexisdevlin) wrote,

The silly problem of suffering on a human level -

At first it's like "Oh shit, oh shit, this is a huge problem we have on our hands!! We can never escape suffering! What is this problem of suffering and how do we deal with it?" And so we whine and suffer, and then suffer a little more. But seeing suffering as suffering is so incomplete a view; suffering as it matters for suffering; so what about that! Suffering – as it is a means to other good things, we shall see this as more important, and in fact INFINITELY more important as the good is so exponentially greater, stronger, and better, and by the very nature of things! We don't even have to change a thing; this is just the way things are you sufferers of suffering! The way things are is for suffering to be beautiful, comical, and useful because of its intimate relationship to its savior: the Good. We need but realize this to feel its implications, to crush suffering and negativity as a cosmic joke in comparison.

Because here's the beautiful thing: Suffering implies its own solution by its very nature; suffering occurs when a nature recognizes (or simply embodies) weakness and inferiority to another stronger nature, and thus it becomes a reactive, weakened, self-negating, self-depreciating force that in its very structure wants to be overcome, dominated, and as I say, turned into good! A weak natures will is to be against itself; it by definition wants to die and be overcome, even crushed by a dominating force, a superior force, which has every quality this weak nature lacks; by being weaker forces they are practically inviting, even creating as a necessary opposite, "the good"; that which is fundamentally against suffering; strong natured, self-creating, self-affirming, and positive; that which WILL necessarily stomp out the weaker nature because of its nature. Things exist in relation to each other, and in relation to negativity and suffering is the very reason for suffering and negativity: the infinitely larger spectrum of good; in fact it's kind of a funny joke: Why does the bad feel so bad? Because it can't be a part of the good! And it's sooooooo jealous! It hates itself for not being good! Haha! Well that's what you get, suffering! Maybe you should stop being so damn sufferable and just be good, then! How can you be good, you ask? Simple! Just succumb to the good of things: commit SUICIDE Mr. Suffering, because you're not necessary, you're a dead-end, a will that wants to die, a will that wants to be replaced; a poor jealous instinct in relation to the good; what a humorous and even petty feeling, this suffering! From this view, "suffering" is simply "recognition before the fall and come to greatness" the fall of itself (as a weak force clinging to life, using any irrational excuse to justify its own dying, degenerative existence) and greatness of its opposite, what it has fallen to: the Good. Once we realize that these self-destructive instincts are not ever "rational" in wanting to preserve their existence, we see any feeling or inclination towards negativity or suffering as a "trick" of faulty logic; it is hypocritical, and it is wrong; by the way, don't feel bad for suffering having such a hard time - GIVE IT A HARD TIME, I'm sure suffering won't mind!

What an enemy to have, this suffering! It is its own worst enemy, it destroys and eliminates itself, and can only yield to good. At any point we feel suffering we are feeling a weak nature dying; that's great! Already our suffering is weary of itself, it already wants to be overcome. With just the slightest introduction of good it's like pinch-hitting Barry Bonds in a T-Ball game between six year olds; it's completely ridiculously, stupidly unfair! Haha, it's what we shall say is not a fair fight; one is predisposed to lose to the other; it's like EVERY fight or encounter between the good and the bad is utterly rigged; to our favor I might add!

I find it deeply funny. It's as if our weak natures bring with them their own cure; weakness, negativity, or suffering is just another way of realizing the good – by where it is missing, by where the "good" dominating, positive flow of energy may triumph over the suffering weak natures, thereby transforming them into what we call beauty, good, or if you want to get all scientificky: self-realized harmonious emotional progression; love!

Suffering is the recognition of a force being overcome by another; so with what are we replacing this suffering? It is very possible for a weak nature to be overcome by a stronger weak nature, thus continuing the cycle of suffering. Of course suffering doesn't remove suffering, nor does it have the power to move beyond or out of itself, so look not to suffering for your salvation!

Often we feel like we ourselves are the degenerative dying force – of course this is a simple misunderstanding, we are simply feeling the expression of this weaker force upon a stronger one; the realization of that stronger replenishing source is what truly ends the suffering, by allowing a negative energy to be absorbed by its counter-good, but this comes after we use suffering's own negativity and self-destruction to bring it to the crushing point: the point where good is empowered as an opposite, uplifting force.

GAH, I mean seriously, just TRY IT! Stack up some negativity and you will see right off the bat, to be suffering indicates everything I've been talking about: this negative urge wants to kill itself; OBLIGE! When vs. the Good see how quickly, how easily and willingly suffering will crumble and fall. Furthermore, the bad is only one aspect in the relationship to… oh right, the Good, the infinitely, goddamn amazing Good, that can, by the way, STAND ON ITS OWN because it was self-created, self-affirmed, gooooooood, good, and good for the sake of good! Good doesn't even require that bad exist for it to be good. Bad is only the recognition of where more good could be – and good can always, infinitely fill in the gaps – because it is infinite, and by definition, always better!

Suffering is a beautiful process of life, really, and it should be seen with reverence and beauty – sometimes utterly tragic beauty, which is all the more beautiful, but all the more intense; intensity is not a bad thing, it just indicates depth: to be deep is to be tragic, too. We must evolve an equally deep and understanding humor and joyousness to handle this ultimate seriousness, this task of accepting such depths of beauty and feeling, to the degree of intensity we call "tragic." With every tragedy (the ultimate potential for loss, really) comes the most beautiful human expression of emotions; tragic wounds deepen our spirituality and strengthen our collective resource for handling other situations, emotions, and people; they are the depth we pull from to face life each day with a fresh, strong, dominating outlook. In other words, our wounds strengthen us, and our suffering is just a means to our fucking amazing, yes, amazing ability to transform the bad weaker natures into their opposites: strong, positive, self-affirming creations that replace all weakness with strength, and all bad with good, and infinite good at that. All suffering is naturally displaced by this AWESOME, beautiful, useful ability to be the bringers of Good. And why? Why are we the bringers of Good, the bringers of Meaning, the gateway from negation into affirmation? Why? You want the truth? It's because we are humans, and we are the shit. J Straight up, no ifs ands ors buts excuses or refunds. Werd, dawg, werd. I wouldn't want it any other way.
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